Theme Coloured Template

Theme Coloured Template

Theme Coloured Template - Preview 1
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The theme coloured template allows you to easily set a strong presence of your affiliate brand by integrating a custom colour code, while incorporating many soft design elements from well known websites and apps used all around the world. This theme focuses on the use of promo codes and shortening the cycle of lead-generation, by allowing you to fill your new website with content, without having to force feed it to your viewers.

What’s included?

Once you purchase this template, you’ll get full access to the files and database with the option to either install it yourself or have us take care of it free of charge. You’ll just need a domain and hosting account at any named provider (GoDaddy, Name Cheap, 123 Reg,, Blue Host, or any other).

Upon your website going live, it’ll look exactly like the one in the live demo with 680 iGaming Operators in 14 countries already incorporated. Thanks to our strong industry reputation, you’ll instantly become affiliated with a huge number of these Operators with affiliate links automatically integrated. You can check your clicks, customers, and commission at anytime by logging in to your GamWorx account. This saves you roughly 300 hours of content uploads and affiliate applications, not mentioning the time and money it would take to hire a website developer to create a template like ours (around 2 months and £1,800).


We’ve worked hard to ensure all of our templates fulfil every one of Google’s SEO recommendations, and more, allowing you to simply start producing content and building backlinks to gain a top spot for high value keywords.

SEO Measures:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Internal linking
  • Custom URL structures
  • GEO specific URLs
  • Multilingual website versions
  • Image ALT & Title text
  • Schema Markups
  • Editable page Title & Meta Tags
  • Optional blog section
  • Content sections on all pages
  • Supercharged page speed

Admin Panel

The admin panel allows you to edit almost every option in a structured manor, making it easy to create new content, edit current content, delete unwanted content, you get the gist. With much ease you’ll be able to manage which countries you’d like to offer services to, which gambling categories you want to promote, and which iGaming Operators to display. Not only that, you can prioritise specific countries, categories and operators to orientate your website around a specific theme.

If you’re already affiliated with of any iGaming Operators listed on our templates, you’ll be able to update the affiliate link very easily via the admin panel. If there are any Operators you’d like to add that we don’t currently have, this can also be done very easily.

For more information on how our admin panel works and the options it provides, you can click the Admin Demo button above.

Customisable Settings:

  • Countries & languages (add / edit / delete)
  • Gambling categories (add / edit / delete)
  • iGaming Operators (add / edit / delete)
  • Blog posts (add / edit / delete)
  • Admin accounts (add / edit / delete)
  • Main target country & language
  • Main target gambling category
  • iGaming Operators display order
  • Website theme colour
  • Favicon Image
  • Navbar Logo
  • Navbar Links
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Subscribers list
  • ‘About us’ page
  • ‘Contact us’ email
Website Template

"What you see is what you get" - Purchase this template exactly as seen in the live demo.

  • Theme Coloured Template
  • As seen in live demo
  • Customise without coding
  • One-time purchase fee
  • Free installation
  • Lifetime support